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I am always looking for different ways to support my students' understanding of 10.  Being able to decmpose and compose 10 is necessary component when developing number sense.  But let's be careful, we want our kiddos to be flexible with their numbers and be able to use what they know when they start working with 2  and 3-digit numbers.  After all, it's all about 10 so we don't want them to simply memorize these facts.  To that end, I try to review these facts and incorporate games as often as possible.    Many of my resources use 10-frames and rekenreks but I couldn't resist using this adorable cookie clipart by Krista Wallden at Creative Clips.  I love all her work and they were part of her Unwrap Freebies.  Thank you, Krista! 
Get your copy from Google Drive here!

Here are some of my freebies from TPT...

I use this as part of my morning routine.  As a math intervention I work with small groups of students so this is quite helpful.  Last year I used it daily with my 2nd graders when they were first developing number sense, counting by 5s and 10s etc.  I put them into dry erase sleeves and the kids love them!

daily number, teaching-with-tammy.blogspot.com
Rekenrek Beads are very beneficially for developing the 5/10 structure and helping the little ones "see" the numbers.  I made these to use as number lines.  They can be laminated or taped to the desks.  I believe they need to be held and touched and kids can jump (count) with their fingers.

Pleae check out my TPT store for more FREEBIES.  Enjoy!

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