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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Mathematicians at Work

My mathematicians have been very busy lately.  They have been "mathematizing" while helping Muffles package all his delicious truffles intime for the holiday season.  This book is part of a series  Context for Learning (3-5), by Cathy Fosnot, creator of Mathematics in the City, at City College.   Students are presented with a rich context and are given problems to solve. The questions posed in the first investigation are: How many boxes of 10 can be made with a given quantity of truffles? How many leftovers will there be? How can they be combined to make assortment boxes?  Students eventually determine the cost of the boxes and then create new boxes of various sizes and layers for the truffles.

Students work in partnerships or small groups to make discoveries, use various strategies and ultimately share their thinking and communicate their ideas with the class.  As an intervention teacher I can only work with students for 30 minutes at a time.  They moan when I tell them we have to stop working for the day.  These lessons are so powerful!  Students think about math within a rich context and are encourage to explore numbers and mathematical situations at their own speed and level of understanding.  All the the books within the series are wonderful, check them out if you can - your students will thank you!!
Busy, busy busy!

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