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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Always time to pin!!

I love Pinterest (...who doesn't!?). Here are some of the things I have pinned lately, some educational some not.  What have you pinned? Link up and share! Thank you Mrs. Plemon's Kindergarten for starting this linky party :)

I found this chart to be an amazing organization tool.  I think it can be used for any grade or subject.  I shared this with many of my colleagues in grades ranging from grades 1-5.  I like how it keeps students accountable while keeping them aware of what is expected of them.  Post-its make it user friendly and accessible.  Love it!

Wow, this is a fabulous chart.  I am always encouraging my students to to reflect and think about what they found difficult or what they want to get better at.  This chart encourages them to think about themselves as learners.  I plan to make this this week!

I hosted a dinner party this weekend and made this yummy dessert.  It was so easy and so delicious. I served it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. YUM!!!

I don't use flash card very often, but when I do I find this quite helpful.  When students, especially 5th graders, are still struggling with multiplications, this helps them see how much they already know.  The "need to know" pile gets smaller and smaller and that makes them so happy :)

I will simply say: THE BEST COOKIES I HAVE EVER MADE!!!!  Pin these quickly!!

Please share some of your pins.  We all know how addictiong it can be!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Number of the Day and Rekenreks

I use this as part of my morning routine.  As a math intervention I work with small groups of students so this is quite helpful.  Last year I used it daily with my 2nd graders when they were first developing number sense, counting by 5s and 10s etc.  I put them into dry erase sleeves and the kids love them!

daily number, teaching-with-tammy.blogspot.com
Rekenrek Beads are very beneficially for developing the 5/10 structure and helping the little ones "see" the numbers.  I made these to use as number lines.  They can be laminated or taped to the desks.  I believe they need to be held and touched and kids can jump (count) with their fingers.

Pleae check out my TPT store for more FREEBIES.  Enjoy!

September Currently

It's September!  Where does the time go??  I officially start school tomorrow and welcome the little ones on Wednesday, so the timing is perfect.  Thank you Farely and Oh Boy 4th Grade, I am very excited to be completing my 1st Currently.  Here we go....

Listening - I am sitting on my sofa and all I can hear is the coffee pot percolating.  I love the sound [drip, drip, drip] and smell of freshly brewed coffee, it motivates me to get out of bed every morning.

Loving - that I am away in the country one last day with my husband, son, and pup and the weather is beautiful.  Hopefully we will have time to go for  hike or kayak.  Unfortunately the 14 year old would prefer to do...nothing...but we will try to persuade him otherwise.

Wanting - I found a 30-day squat challenge that I am going to try and complete.  Let me know if you are up for the challenge too, maybe you can motive me.  Wish me luck!
Needing- I NEED to spend time and focus my energy on my bog.  I have not blogged much over the summer and it is not because I have not had the time.  I am a new blogger so I have to just 'jump in' and do it!

3 trips - Three places on the top of a very long list are Hawaii, India and Greece.  Each trip will need at least 2 weeks.  Maybe soon....

So, thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a happy September and wonderful start to the new year.  Come back soon, as I promise to keep up with the blogging ;)