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Friday, June 27, 2014

Five For Friday - June 27th

It's that time of the week again, TGIF!  It's an extra special week for me since it is finally SUMMER VACATION!!  I have been reading so many of your blogs and been so jealous since many of you have been on vacation for a few weeks already.  I've been sooo jealous! Many NY school finished yesterday - YAY! :)

My son is leaving for camp tomorrow so my celebration is a little bitter sweet.  He is so excited to leave and see his summer friends.  He has been counting the days for months.  I am lucky to get 1-2 letters while he is away "I am so busy, Mom, I have noooo time to sit down and write!  Sorry!!!"  I guess that's a good thing.  As long as he's happy, right? :)  Visiting day is in a few weeks, I'll start counting the days, as well...
My summer plans involve reading, reading, and more reading.  Books on my list are: The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith (JK Rowling), The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, and We are Water by Wally Lamb.  Have you read any of these books?  Please let me know if you have any more suggestions.  

Books that I recently read and are worth checking out are Me Before You, The Husband's Secret, The Storyteller, and Where'd you go Bernadette.  Enjoy!!
My poor doggie.  He is a Jack Russell so he has anxiety to begin with but he seems to be getting worse with age.  He is almost 10 and is not as carefree as he used to be.  If he had his way he would hide under the bed all day.  He doesn't even like to come out for walks!  Living in a city with lots of noises (construction and sirens) seem to scare him.  Poor fella.  He needs so much TLC.  I think he will like spending the summer in the country.  He likes summer vacation, too!
Where's Rufus?
Sad Rufus :(
Blast from the past!!  I grew up in the 80's (I am aging myself a bit) so OF COURSE one of my favorite movies is St. Elmo's Fire.  I got so excited when it was on TV last night.  AMAZING!  Brought me right back to the 80's with the crazy outfits and big hair.
Look at them - Rob Lowe, Demi Moore, think they had enough hair spray?  1985 was a great year for movies.  Can you remember what else came out that year?  ...Give up??  The Breakfast Club, Goonies, Better off Dead, and Back to the Future.  I never would have guessed that they were all in the same year!

Now that school is officially over I have the time to devote to TV.  I am all set to start watching season 2 of Orange is the New Black.  Do you watch?  Do you give it a thumbs up or down? Either way, I would love to hear what you think.  I watched season 1 and enjoyed it...still not sold.  Hopefully season 2 will convince me.

That's all for now.  Thank you Doodle Bugs Teaching! Have a great weekend :)


  1. The storyteller by Jodi Picoult?! That is my ABSOLUTE favorite book!! I was just raving about it to my friend yesterday! I will have to check out that new one by Wally Lamb. I love anything Jodi but a good one is the Memory Keeper's Daughter! Old but good!

    I'm mid-season on OITNB! It's pretty good! You get to see all the characters backgrounds!! Happy Friday!

    Alexis ♥ Laugh. Eat. Learn.

    1. I may have read The Memory Keeper's Daughter but will check it out, just in case. Thanks :)

  2. I loved the Memory Keepers Daughter, I also loved the Book Thief - have you seen the movie?
    Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

    1. Haven't see the movie because I plan to read the book. Looking forward to it :)
      Was the movie good?

  3. Think I feel the same as you - enjoyed season 1 of Orange is the New Black but didn't LOVE it. I've watched the first 2 episodes of season 2 and am still not sure. I'll watch it but I don't feel I just HAVE to watch it if you know what I mean!
    Growing Little Learners

    1. Guess what! I finished season 2 and enjoyed it!! You learn a lot about the other characters and I found it very interesting and entertaining. Let me know what you think :)